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A couple of days ago, Confluent announced a ZooKeeper free Kafka 2.8 RC0 available for testing. A fantastic effort, great achievement by all the contributors who made it happen.

In the typical Hacker News fashion, a post about Kafka always triggers an inevitable “Puslar vs Kafka” discussion. These always remind me of one of my main gripes related to Kafka: no infinite retention. I’ve written about it close to five years ago.

So, apparently there is a KIP for open source Kafka tiered storage which would enable this kind of behavior and take…

This high level walk though shows how to start HashiCorp Consul on Firecracker microvm directly from a Dockerfile in three steps. I go a little bit more in detail about how the tool works and what the future avenues are.


Firecracker is a virtualization technology for creating and managing secure, multi-tenant services suited for container-like and serverless scenarios. Firecracker workloads run in virtual machines, not containers. Unlike containers, they benefit from extra isolation properties provided by the hardware virtualization. Similar to containers, Firecracker VMs — microVMs — are lightweight and fast to boot. Like containers, they can be treated like…

In the light of the recent accident at the Nordschleife in which two people lost their lives and two others are left injured, I decided it is the right time to publish the idea I’ve been keeping in my mind for over 2 years now. Please remember, I have not edited the text since last year, timeline is not adjusted. Please read as you were in 2015.

This has been consulted with a number of people and I’m not sure the technology mentioned below will work, however, food for thought.

I’m removing the names from the write-up, I will give…

In the last few years, online racing has become very popular. The technology available today is amazing, racing seats with advanced steering wheels, pedal sets, multi-screen. Now virtual reality joining the pack. A modern online racer quite often spends more money on the proper gaming equipment than on a car. Not everybody, obviously, but people do, just look it up on the internets!

I am lucky enough to live close to the Nürburginrg and I get to drive it every now and then. However, not everybody has a race track around the corner, not everybody has a race car. Even…

It is entirely possible that what I am going to describe here is an edge case not many people hit with their Kafka deployments. However, in my experience, when Kafka is used to ingest large volumes of data, it makes perfect sense. Considering that every now and then people ask for a cold storage feature on the Kafka mailing list, I am not the only one who would find this useful.

Apache Kafka

According to the Kafka website: Apache Kafka is publish-subscribe messaging rethought as a distributed commit log. It is fast: it can handle hundreds of megabytes of data from thousands…

I have spent last four years working on a large scale IoT cloud based project. The project is no longer. All the code has been put on a shelf, people were released and n0n-compete is no longer in effect. I will not share any names here. The level of knowledge accumulated is so great that it would be a shame to let it just catch the rust.

To give you a glimpse of what the challenges were. We, The Shelf Project Team, were maintaining a number of cloud deployments of ~70 machines each, we always had a minimum two of…

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